Maximize Your Gains: Avoid These 6 Post-Workout Mistakes!

Maximize Your Gains: Avoid These 6 Post-Workout Mistakes!

You just decided to do a very intense workout: you can be proud of yourself! However, exercise is not the only factor to consider. What you do after exercise is also very important, because it is the key to restoring health and building muscles.

Maximize Your Gains: Avoid These 6 Post-Workout Mistakes!

In This Article, Find 6 Post-Training Errors To Avoid:

  1. I Forgot To Moisturize

Without realizing this, many people suffer from chronic dehydration due to chronic dehydration. Your body needs about 30-35 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight per day and 500-1000 milliliters of exercise per hour. It is especially important to fully hydrate after training to compensate for the loss of water and mineral salts.

  1. Don’t Eat After Exercise

Are you one of the people who cannot eat after exercise? Or do you want to reduce calories to lose weight? For whatever reason, eating after exercise is a big mistake. Because your energy reserves are exhausted, and your body currently needs energy to recover and increase muscle mass.

Try to eat snacks for at least about 30 minutes after exercising. It is ideal for combining protein and carbohydrates. How about a vegetarian protein shake (no protein powder!) or roasted sweet potatoes?

  1. Forget About Stretching

Warm-up and stretching exercises are two basic parts of training. If you are ready to exercise, the muscles will work more efficiently, and if you stretch carefully after exercise, the muscles will regenerate faster.

  1. Don’t Arrange Training Grounds

After the meeting, whether in the gym or the living room, please arrange the exercise space. Triggering dumbbells hanging on the floor may cause serious injury! In the gym, keeping clean is more important. After lifting or weight lifting, make sure to clean/disinfect the equipment you are using, and then put the dumbbells and heavy objects back in their original positions. Nothing is more annoying than losing weight and losing weight in the past.

  1. Not Many Days

Even if you exercise regularly, keep it active every day: climb the stairs, get up from your desk every hour, and pour a glass of water. Walk for a short time to eat lunch, or walk for a short time to talk to a colleague in the next room without sending an email. Experts say that all of these daily activities use English “energy consumption without consuming exercise calories” or NEAT (generating non-exercise calories). They are very important because combined with your exercise plan, they will allow you to continue to burn calories and increase your metabolism.

  1. Forget To Record Or Send The Meeting

The best way to track and analyze progress is to record all important information during the exercise. Who knows, by sharing courses with your friends through the Adidas Running or Adidas Training apps, you can inspire them, and even inspire some people to join you!

Now, you know what the 6 post-workout mistakes to avoid are now. The human body is amazing, as long as you take care of it and provide everything you need, you can truly achieve amazing results.

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