8 Powerful Key Points To Speedup Muscle Recovery

8 Powerful Key Points To Speedup Muscle Recovery

Recovery is the key to successful performance. At this point, our body recovers from our efforts and can heal certain injuries or relieve pain.

This step is necessary so that you can feel healthy again and perform well in the next exercise. The faster your body recovers, the faster you can start exercising again. The body with sufficient recovery time is less injured and can work harder because the body performs well after training.

You’re Body Will Dry Out On Its Own During Exercise

It is important to understand that the body will feel tired during childbirth. The bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons are under tremendous pressure, and insufficient energy reserves lead to performance degradation in the first place. However, once the exercise is completed, your body will begin to reorganize: “By giving your body some time to use this recovery phase to develop its physical fitness and replenish new high-quality resources. If your body does not have enough time, you The performance may stop or even drop. ” explained our running expert Sascha Wingfield.

Passive Recovery:  This means that the body can only rest on the body’s recovery ability, and hope that it can regain its vitality as soon as possible. Active

Recovery:   It includes all activities (stretching exercises, massages, etc.) designed to help your body recover faster and more effectively. Sasha said: “This way, you can continue to train faster and increase the intensity, which will improve your performance.”

8 Powerful Key Points To Speedup Muscle Recovery

The Most Effective Recovery Method

  1. Cooling Time

Always stop training during the “cooling phase”. In the past 10 minutes, gradually reduce the driving intensity to reach the recovery speed. In this way, the metabolism and cardiovascular system will slowly return to normal functions. This also allows you to limit muscle acidity and certain buildup. The reduction in force accelerates the transition to the recovery phase and prevents rapid body movement.

  1. Stretch

After each exercise, you should perform a short stretch to relieve the pressure on the first muscle and prepare to use these muscles again. These stretching exercises relax the muscles, but during periods of calm, they also have a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

  1. Hot/Cold Shower (KNEIPP Method)

However, once you exercise, you have to take a bath. So take the opportunity to build muscles: take a shower for 30 to 40 seconds, alternating between very cold and hot water. Repeat this process about 5-8 times. Cold water relieves muscle pain that causes muscle stiffness, while hot water stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tendons and muscles.

  1. Ice Bath

Particularly intense running can cause minor muscle injuries. “Ice baths reduced muscle blood circulation, thus reducing inflammation or preventing the internal bleeding caused by these injuries. After an ice bath, it can greatly stimulate blood muscle, but also help the body eliminate metabolic waste and other toxins. She explained.

  1. Active Relaxation Training

The body and mind are inextricably linked. Our mind can control certain reactions in the body. This natural law lays the foundation for various forms of active relaxation, including self-training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga, etc. A 10-minute relaxation program is sufficient to reduce muscle tension and lactic acid levels. You can try these different methods and find the one that suits you best.

  1. Food

After training, try to replenish your reserves so that your body has all the energy needed for regeneration. A good combination of complex carbohydrates (such as whole grains) and protein will stimulate the body’s recovery. This combination of macronutrients can help you increase muscle mass and stabilize insulin levels.

Want to learn more about these three macro elements? We have collected the most important information for you.

V can also keep hydrated to replenish lost fluid: depending on the intensity of the exercise, your body needs 500-700 ml of water per hour. Muscle performance in particular depends on continued hydration. Also, avoid drinking alcohol: During exercise, the liver must consume a lot of energy. If you pay attention to the alcohol consumed by your metabolism, the stress will be doubled. But that’s not all: alcohol delays the renewal process, so your chances of training next time are great.

  1. Nuku

Sleep is the simplest and most effective way for our body to recover. When we sleep, our body repairs minor injuries or training-related injuries, and muscle growth occurs. Depending on the intensity of exercise, you should sleep about 7-8 hours a night. And beware: lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism, weaken its renewal process, and morale, and weaken your immune system, let alone fight it.

  1. Sauna

The sauna is also a great way to relax. After heating, the muscles relax and blood circulation increases significantly. Result: Pain is relieved and muscle regeneration is usually accelerated. Your body will also feel inner peace and mental relaxation, which also helps to reduce muscle tension and promote regeneration.

However, be sure to drink plenty of water to compensate for dehydration caused by sweating, and remember that sauna baths will greatly reduce your muscle tone, which will reduce your performance the next day. Therefore, avoid the sauna the day before the game!

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