Building Muscles Through Body Weight: Is It Effective To Gain Weight?

Building Muscles Through Body Weight: Is It Effective To Gain Weight?

Regarding weight gain, most people first think of the gym and use machines or weightlifting and dumbbells to train their weight. But is it possible to gain weight without equipment?

Building Muscles Through Body Weight: Is It Effective To Gain Weight?

How Does Muscle Growth Work?

To understand how muscle growth works, you need to remember some anatomical principles. Each muscle of the body is composed of many muscle fibers, just like ropes made of different materials. If all these ropes work well together, your strength will increase, but there will be no visible changes in your body.

In other words, you can improve the coordination between the fibers by repeating the exercises. This stage takes about 6-8 weeks. After this stage, if you continue to train, the size of the muscle fibers will eventually increase, and eventually become denser and stronger. This is called hypertrophy. Then these changes will appear in your body, and your muscles will take shape.

After weight training, your body will react. In short, it’s a bit like saying to me: this training is really hard…I need to find a way to improve next time. Then, your body will repair the muscle tissue damage caused by that exercise and start adding tissue for the next exercise. These injuries are micro-cracks that appear in the muscles due to the stress caused by intense training.

If you increase the difficulty of exercise regularly and continue to work hard, your body will continue to adapt to these stimuli. In short, muscles can be used after exercise, as if they want to prepare for the next challenge. Strictly speaking, during the recovery phase, when your body repairs the muscle fibers needed for exercise, muscles will begin to grow. Also keep in mind that training will not increase the number of muscle fibers (determined at birth), but will affect their density/volume and performance.

Take Time To Build Muscle

Training is to stimulate the muscles, but it does not necessarily mean that each training will increase muscle mass. So when do you see the first result? Well, your muscles begin to form only after weeks/months of regular training.

To gain muscle, you need to perform various exercises regularly. If you don’t stimulate the muscles, they will disappear as quickly as they started. Try to find the right training plan for you so that you can persevere and achieve your goals. After a while, the muscles finally got used to the stimulation. If the training is always the same, stop and stop the treatment.

Therefore, it is very important to increase the difficulty of the exercise and change the difficulty. Also, don’t forget to plan a few days of rest to rebuild muscles. Also, these days (no exercise is required) is necessary, because only in this way can muscles recover and grow.

It’s not just the muscle tissue that changes during exercise. Ligaments, tendons, and bones can also adapt to stimulation.

Muscle Building Without Equipment: Is This Possible?

The answer is yes! You don’t necessarily need dumbbells, dumbbells, or machines to build muscles. It depends on your goals:

Strength training without equipment is especially suitable for beginners. The resistance produced by body weight is an excellent stimulus to the muscles. In addition to helping increase muscle mass, another advantage of it is that it can improve the mobility and flexibility of the entire body. There are many, many combinations of weight loss exercises.

As mentioned above, it is important to exercise regularly and gradually increase the difficulty, while allowing time for the body to recover. caveat! Beginners who want to start weight training should first become familiar with the exercises and make sure they are done correctly. In The adidas Training, you will find descriptions and explanations of many exercises. Appropriate performance is essential to prevent effective muscle accumulation and injury. Improper actions can cause injury.

If you perform regular strength training and show excellent muscle strength, then you will need an extra load to move forward to achieve optimal muscle development. Through weight training, we can stop as soon as possible. By increasing strength training and increasing the load regularly, you will be able to improve your performance. Many dumbbell exercises can build muscle quickly and achieve good results.

Building Muscles Is Good For The Body And Mind

Weight training can not only improve your appearance. It also has many other benefits, such as tighter skin, better posture, and less stress. Strong muscles can also help you stabilize your joints and reduce the fatigue of tendons and ligaments.

Do you still decide to lose weight? Turns out great! Due to the new muscle development, you will also burn more fat during rest. Regular training can benefit you from the afterburner effect (also called afterburner). This means that even after training, your body will continue to burn calories because your metabolism is still active. Strength training will also open your eyes. A strong and muscular body builds self-esteem and self-confidence.


As we have seen, it is possible and effective to use muscles without equipment. Use bodyweight exercises to build muscles and improve endurance. In addition, you can perform absolute exercises anywhere: no equipment, machines, or dumbbells are required. Accept the challenge, wait patiently, and you will see the results soon!

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